Static Water Pressure and Modern Waterproofing Solutions That Will Help Protect Your Basement

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If you have a finished basement, damage to walls and leaks can cause serious damage to your home. This damage is often caused by static water pressure that comes from groundwater as it filters through the soil. The good news is that there is a modern technology for drainage and waterproofing systems that can help to prevent these types of problems. The following tips will help you deal with static water pressure problems that can cause damage to foundations using modern improvement for your basement drainage and waterproofing systems: 

Use Exterior Drainage Designs for Landscaping 

The drainage on the exterior of your home is important to reduce static water pressure that can damage foundation walls. This can be done with permanent landscaping drainage, which can be buried beneath the surface of the soil or masked in the design of your landscaping with features like gravel ground covers for flowerbeds.  

Consider Modern Geotextile Waterproofing Membranes

The waterproofing on the exteriors of foundations is often a sealant material like tar-like asphalt coatings that are outdated. Today, there are modern geotextile materials that can be used as foundation waterproofing membranes. These systems use specially designed geometrical shapes that help to reduce pressure against the foundation walls and protect your basement from damage.  

Install French Drainage Systems That Help Reduce Problems 

There are also French drain systems that can be designed to protect your home from foundation problems. These are systems that use drain lines that are below the level of the foundation and carry runoff away from the footings. French drains can be good to reduce problems with static water pressure, as well as to protect against erosion problems.  

Use the Right Mechanical System Designs 

There are also mechanical systems that can be used to protect your foundation from damage. These can include systems like dry wells with pumps and sump pump wells inside that pump the water out. The mechanical systems can be a connection to French drains and other solutions to help keep the water out of your basement and protect your home from water damage.  

These are some tips that will help you deal with some of the static water pressure problems that cause damage to your home with modern technology for your drainage and waterproofing systems. If you want to ensure your basement is protected from water problems, contact a foundation waterproofing repair service and talk to them about some of these improvements using modern drainage and waterproofing systems for your home.